Thika Coffee

Thika Coffee is a leader in specialty African coffees. We are producers and exporters of specialty green coffee beans from around the African continent. As the home to the finest coffees in the region, we are dedicated to maintaining quality beans by practicing organic farming methods and using holistic solutions in our farms and extending the same services to our farmers.

We know our beans and our main focus to our green coffee buyers and roasters is the delivery of an excellent coffee. We provide indelible professional services to all our clients and are committed to providing you with superior coffee beans that meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability.

About Us

Our journey began 92 years ago as a humble powered maize mill in the town of Thika situated about 50 kilometers from Nairobi. This is an industrial town... Read more...

Offering List

Thika Coffee deals in a wide variety of coffees. We have our own brand, Thika, which is popular among the roasters. Go to page...